Tell your Trade Minister: Don't Censor the Internet!

Tell your Trade Minister: Don't Censor the Internet!

against fast tracking the secretive TPP

Tell your Trade Minister: Don’t Censor the Internet

Trade Ministers from 12 TPP countries are rushing to finalize the TPP’s Internet censorship plan as soon as possible. We have to stop it before it becomes law.

Tell them now: don't let this dangerous pact destroy our laws and censor the Internet.

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Send a message to your Trade Minister using the tool below:

Trade Ministers from the 12 Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) countries are recklessly pushing to finalize the biggest and most secretive agreement in the history of the world.1

The binding plan will make our Internet more censored, expensive, and policed on a global scale.2

What’s worse, recent leaks3 show that Internet users everywhere will be facing new criminal penalties, and see the public domain robbed–all without ANY public consultation.

This scheme is at a make-or-break point -- but it’s only an agreement if we agree to it.

We have a chance to stop the TPP’s censorship plan before they make it law by sending a message today: don’t overwrite our laws to censor the Internet.

Our laws should be developed democratically for the benefit of us all, not just those with the most money and the loudest voices. In fact, tens of thousands of Internet users have already crowdsourced a positive vision for our Digital Future.4

Tell your Trade Minister today: don’t overwrite our laws to censor the Internet!

If you are in the U.S., speak out against the TPP by writing a letter to the editor of your local paper using the tool below:

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The below organizations participated in the Stop the Secrecy campaign (click here for a full list of supporting organizations):

They have endorsed the following statement: “The TPP threatens to censor your Internet, kill jobs, undermine environmental safeguards, and remove your democratic rights.”​

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[2] Hundreds of Tech Companies to Congress: TPP and Fast Track Harms Digital Innovation and Users’ Rights. Source: EFF. 

[3] New TPP Leaked Text Reveals Countries' Weakening Resistance to Copyright Maximalist Proposals. Source: EFF.

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