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against TPP secrecy

  BREAKING: The TPP Has Been Released. Speak out Before It's Forced Into Law.

Prime Minister Trudeau: Canadians were kept in the dark about the TPP – an agreement that will censor the Web, criminalize our online activities, and cost Internet users money.

This extreme secrecy is no way to make decisions as a country. We're now calling on you to reject the TPP and its dangerous Internet censorship plan before it becomes law.

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TPP negotiators have just published the final text for the biggest and most secretive agreement in the history of the world.1, 2

Throughout years of negotiations, leaks repeatedly showed that our Internet freedom was under attack.3 Now, the big secret isn't a secret anymore. Here are some of the worst parts:

  • Ridiculous new copyright terms that rob the public domain;
  • New criminal penalties for non-commercial infringement;
  • Site-blocking legislation that would allow widespread Internet censorship for alleged copyright infringement.4

Secrecy is never an acceptable way to make government decisions that affect us all.

What’s worse: our leaders will try to ram this scheme through and make it law before you have a chance to learn about it. That's why we need to speak out now.

We can only stop it if we raise a loud global call now! Sign on NOW and send a clear message to our new Prime Minister: do not pass this secret scheme into law without first listening to Canadians.


The StopTheSecrecy campaign is hosted by:

The below organizations participated in the Stop the Secrecy campaign (click here for a full list of supporting organizations):

They have endorsed the following statement: “The TPP threatens to censor your Internet, kill jobs, undermine environmental safeguards, and remove your democratic rights.”​

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[2] Final TPP text threatens Internet freedom and will force Canada to overhaul copyright – but will Trudeau go along? OpenMedia.

[3] New TPP Leaked Text Reveals Countries' Weakening Resistance to Copyright Maximalist Proposals. Source: EFF.

[4] The TPP Copyright Chapter Leaks: Canada May Face Website Blocking, New Criminal Provisions & Term Extension. Source: Michael Geist.



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