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Mon, 12/31/1973 - 16:48 -- Joel Milne

The UK government finally updated their copyright legislation, bringing it into step with the way individuals use the technology. It's now legal for “people to copy digital content they have bought onto any medium or device that they own [for personal use]."

The TPP, a restrictive trade agreement, would supercede these national rules - threatening the creative and democratic potential of individuals in the digital environment. Raise your voice against this extreme agreement at:


Article by Beendare Seendat for TechEYE:


In an astonishingly forward thinking policy, the government has vowed to decriminalise the copying of CDs into digital formats.
Some 13 years after Napster popularised the use of digital music, turning much of the population into hardened criminals, the UK government has decreed that those transferring music between different devices will no longer be pilloried. Presumably taping some of the top 40 off the radio will be given the all-clear too.

In a review of intellectual property policy, the Department for Business Innovation and Skills has decided that it will drag its outdated legislation into the 21st century.

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p.s.: Shout out to one of our pro-Internet community members, Michelle Vee, for sharing this article with us.