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Beta Boston: FCC comment system goes down as millions speaking out against Internet slow lanes

Fri, 09/12/2014 - 16:27 -- David Christopher

We did it again, folks! So many people are speaking out against Internet slow lanes that we crashed the FCC’s comment system! Monday is crucial - the final deadline to speak out against Internet Slow Lanes. Let’s bring this incredible campaign to a crescendo by joining our Thunderclap at

Article by Nidhi Subbaraman for Beta Boston

One day after major tech companies like Kickstarter, Netflix, Reddit, and others, staged a Web-wide protest against a proposed move to give telecom providers “fast lanes,” the number of people writing in about the “open Internet” and net neutrality has overwhelmed the comment receivers at the Federal Communications Commission.

As a result, keeping track of all the comments has proven tricky. The FCC is suggesting that, as an alternative, people collect their comments in an (Excel-like) CVS file, in bulk, and email them in.

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(Image by stephenmelkisethian on Flickr)