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BGR: Cord-cutting is reshaping the cable industry

Fri, 10/24/2014 - 14:15 -- Eva Prkachin

Will giant cable companies ever catch up with cord-cutting?

Article by Brad Reed for BGR

Big providers like Comcast and Time Warner Cable may want to cling to the past but it looks like smaller cable providers seem to know that cord cutting is actually the future. The Wall Street Journal reports that smaller cable providers are increasingly placing more emphasis on their broadband offerings and less on TV packages as consumers have shown that they would much rather have a faster Internet service than hundreds of channels they never watch.

“Faced with rising programming costs, some of those companies… have pulled the plug on TV service altogether, preferring to simply focus on Internet and phone service,” the Journal writes. “The shift poses a potential threat to big media companies. These cable providers are tiny compared with industry titans like Comcast, but the fees they pay media companies for rights to carry programming add up.”

The Journal also posts a chart showing that as cable TV subscriptions in the United States have declined, high-speed broadband subscriptions have grown.

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