Stop the Secrecy

BREAKING: I’m taking your voice to the White House

Fri, 09/19/2014 - 09:26 -- Steve Anderson

We just got some huge news. The White House has invited me to a meeting with key Obama administration officials after feeling the heat from all of you speaking out against the Internet slow lane.

Truthfully, we hadn’t expected or budgeted for this happening, and now we need to book a last-minute flight to Washington, D.C.

Your support, hard work, and dedication has taken our movement this far—now we need you to chip in what you can right now so I can take this amazing opportunity to go to the White House on your behalf.

We were planning a giant petition delivery, but we didn’t expect a meeting right in the White House!

If I can make it to the meeting, I’ll have the chance to take all 5+ million of your voices straight to key Obama administration officials who have the power to stop the Internet slow lane plan in its tracks.

As a global organization, we’re uniquely equipped to tell the White House the simple truth: don’t break the Internet for the rest of the world.

We’ve got less than 24 hours to get everything we need for this trip finalized, and we need your help now. Please do your part to take this campaign straight to the top—and to victory.

With hope and determination, –Steve, (OpenMedia ED and Founder) on behalf of your OpenMedia team

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