Stop the Secrecy

Celebrating our Community

Mon, 12/08/2014 - 12:14 -- Jes Simkin

One of the best parts about our work at OpenMedia is our community -- that’s you!

But seriously, whether it’s on Access, Privacy, or Free Expression work, our job is to make your voice heard and have you be a part of the change-making process.

This is exactly why the Our Digital Future crowdsourced report project has been so moving. Over a span of two years, over 300k of you participated from over 155 countries - making this our largest crowdsourcing project yet.

Together, we shaped a solid set of 21st century rules for sharing and collaborating online. Together, we crafted a positive alternative to the TPP’s out of touch and draconian Internet censorship plan. Together-- we did this really powerful thing!

We wanted to do something a little different to celebrate this project and the launch of the Our Digital Future report and with the help from a few great organizations -- BriteWebAffinity BridgeAgentic Digital Media and Scandal Brewing -- we organized a small get together at MakerLabs in Vancouver in early November.

In the spirit of sharing and collaborating, we had fun interactive things throughout the event including a button making station, facepainting, a do-it-yourself #OurDigitalFuture photobooth and live tumblr -- oh, and a tweetup wall. Last but not least, you voted on Facebook to have a 3D-printed anteater at MakerLabs!

All in all, many fun times were had at our launch party. It was really wonderful to celebrate with community members who’ve been a part of the Our Digital Future journey and supported OpenMedia over the years.

Our humble launch party would not have been possible without support from BriteWebAffinity BridgeAgentic Digital MediaScandal BrewingMakerLabs -- you rock for coming together and helping us celebrate, which is an important part of the process.

We also had help from some amazing humans who volunteered throughout the evening including Julie, Erik, Samantha, Atena, Claudia, Joey, David E, Raagini, and Michelle T, and Izzy.  What a team!

And last but certainly not least, a big thank you to the team over at the BCGEU who chipped in and helped us print a few AFK copies of the Our Digital Future report for the evening.

To be honest, we wish we could have had a bigger celebration, or many celebrations at the same time in many different places so that we could have a solid opportunity to really celebrate with all of you. Moving forward, we’ll try to do a bit more of this. :)

Thanks again for continuing to support the team and what we do at OpenMedia. It means a lot that our work is community-powered by people like you, and we hope you’ll continue to join us in celebrating #allthethings that are to come.

Check out some pictures from the event below!