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Daily Dot: Gambian activist facing fines, jail time for Skyping a rally

Fri, 08/01/2014 - 16:03 -- Eva Prkachin

This Gambian activist wanted to share a political rally with fellow activists outside the country. The government used an obscure broadcasting law to silence him. Speak up if you think that's ridiculous.

Article by Patrick Howell O'Neill for the Daily Dot

A Gambian activist was found guilty of broadcasting without a license for using Skype on an iPod to allow expatriated Gambians to listen to a political rally in December 2013.

The rally, which was organized by three major opposition political parties and described by protesters as a “battle for freedom,” was estimated to have attracted “thousands” of attendees.

After an arrest ordered by the president of Gambia and a trial that ended earlier this month, Lasana Jobarteh was fined 50,000 dalasi ($1,262 U.S.) at the Bundung Magistrates Court, Gambian newspaper the Standard reported. He faced up to 15 years in prison.

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