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Mon, 12/31/1973 - 16:48 -- Joel Milne

The fight continues for an open Internet - check out this article where pro-Internet Senator Ron Wyden made a push for the Internet and its users at the CES conference this week.

Article by Joe Mullin for ARStechnica:


"The door outside Senator Ron Wyden's office says, 'The Senator from Oregon,'" said the speaker who introduced him at a packed morning CES discussion. "It should also say, 'The Senator from the Internet!'" Cheers abounded.
With last year's defeat of SOPA/PIPA, Wyden went from being a kind of "digital Don Quixote" to someone whose views on Internet and tech policy have a major public following.
After graciously downplaying the introduction as "inflationary," Wyden moved into the meat of his speech.
When SOPA and its predecessors were being debated, "People thought Rep. [Darrell] Issa and I were going to be nothing but a sizzling meal for the legacy content industry," he said. "But you know the rest of the story: the 15 million calls and e-mails that came in to Capitol Hill. A few days after the Internet went dark, finally, a light bulb went off in Congress, and we were able to waylay that legislation."
Government's main role in technology should be to stop incumbent companies who try to "hotwire" the system, said Wyden. "Not infrequently, they seek out special help from the government—while claiming they want a marketplace that doesn't favor government intervention."
To have a properly functioning free market, said Wyden, there is a role for government "that addresses market failures, blocks cartel, blocks monopoly, and holds back anti-competitive forces. It's a legitimate act of government to block those." Read more »



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