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FreePress: Net Neutrality Activists Take Over California

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 13:35 -- Eva Prkachin

These Internet freedom activists crashed a super-swanky fundraiser in Silicon Valley! All in the name of preventing Internet slow lanes. Lend them a hand at

Article by Amy Kroin for FreePress

Net Neutrality activists owned California on Wednesday.

Aware that President Obama was hitting congressional fundraisers that day in Silicon Valley and L.A., Free Press and Political Action decided to organize rallies in both places. The mission: to push the president to live up to his 2007 campaign promise of taking a “back seat to no one” in his commitment to Net Neutrality.

Since then, Obama’s appointed not one but two FCC chairmen who have failed to protect the open Internet. In fact, as bad as Julius Genachowski was on this matter — releasing watered-down rules that catered to industry interests — Tom Wheeler’s even worse, proposing a plan that would outright kill the Internet as we know it.

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