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Industry lobbyists' special access to TPP

Mon, 12/31/1973 - 16:48 -- Joel Milne


The TPP, an extreme trade agreement, has been riddled by secrecy. The 15th round was no different, with countries like Canada, the US, and Mexico giving industry lobbyists an inside look and presence at the negotiations. Citizens have a huge stake in the outcome of the TPP and need to be included in the process. Tell your government to make the TPP process accountable and open to public participation at
Article by HumanRightsGeek:
In its report (in spanish only) from the 15th round of negotiations of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) in New Zealand, the Ministry of Economy of Mexico (SE) boasted about the special treatment given to an obscure group of lobbyists. The SE refers to this group as "the side room":
"Additionally,  the "side room" attended (the negotiations), formed by representatives from the mexican industry (...). Close communication was held at all times with the intention of keeping them timely informed so they were able to give feedback to the process of negotiation.
In this regard, the Ministry of Economy will continue to work, with other Federal Government agencies and with mexican industries, to continue defending the positions and interests of Mexico in the next round of negotiations (...)" 
It's not the first time the Government makes reference to the "side room". In itsreport (in spanish) to Senate on the initiation of negotiations, the SE made a reference, and other bloggers have reported on other meetings between the government and the mexican industry elite. Read more »
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