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International Business Times: An Internet nerd in Iceland's Parliament

Tue, 10/07/2014 - 16:01 -- Eva Prkachin

Find out how hackers are using the Internet to reshape Iceland's political landscape.

Article by Anthony Cuthbertson for International Business Times

It was a bright cool evening in August, and the clocks were striking nineteen. Iceland's national broadcaster RUV had just been handed a gagging order as the nightly news was about to air, prohibiting any reports on documents released earlier that day by WikiLeaks. Less than a year had passed since the start of the 2008 financial crisis that decimated the country's economy and the leaks implicated Iceland's largest bank in the collapse.

Faced with the decision of either cancelling the 7pm broadcast or running a different story, RUV instead chose to broadcast a screenshot of the WikiLeaks homepage, together with news that it had been forbidden to report on the matter. For Birgitta Jónsdóttir, a poet, WikiLeaks volunteer and political activist, this was the spark that would ignite one of the most intriguing social and political movements of recent times.

Five years later, Jónsdóttir now leads Iceland's Pirate Party, the world's first political organisation of its type to hold office. Her work with WikiLeaks has finished but her ambition to transform her country is in full flow.

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