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Internet access ruled essential to daily life in Germany

Mon, 12/31/1973 - 16:48 -- Joel Milne


The German Federal Court of Justice recently ruled that the Internet is an essential part of daily life. This decision, and similar ones in France and other countries, show a move forward in acknowledging the Internet's important place in our lives. What do you think of Germany’s ruling? 
Article by Shawn Knight for Tech Spot: 
A Federal Court of Justice in Karlsruhe has ruled that the Internet is an essential part of life. German law already mandates that individuals can be compensated for the loss of use of essential material items, meaning that people have the right to pursue compensation in the event that access to the web is disrupted by their service provider.
The court reached its verdict after hearing the case of a man that was unable to use his home DSL connection for roughly two months. Naturally, the connection was responsible for his telephone and fax line as well – rendering all three services useless from late 2008 through early 2009. Read more »
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