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It’s time to amplify our voice against the TPP’s Internet Trap

Thu, 07/05/2012 - 00:00 -- Anonymous (not verified)

As you read this, lobbyists are setting a trap of restrictions that will criminalize daily uses of the Internet. But politicians move when public pressure becomes impossible to ignore. You’ve already signed the petition. Please take the next step by spreading the word on Facebook, on Twitter, and by forwarding the URL to everyone you know today.

This week, negotiations are taking place behind closed doors to create the TPP’s Internet trap criminalizing our day-to-day use of the Internet through expensive fines.1

You and over 80,000 others around the world pushed back by signing the petition. Yet the list of TPP lobbyists is also growing; over 600 from telecom, media, and other conglomerates are privy to these secret negotiations.2 We need the entire pro-Internet community to push back against the TPP’s Internet trap.

Will you take the next crucial step by sharing the petition on Facebook, Twitter, and forwarding the URL to everyone you know today?

After citizens stood against big telecom and media conglomerates’ attempts to push through national laws that would crush free expression and innovation online, their lobbyists decided to go behind closed doors through the TPP. It’s an undemocratic, extreme attempt to take decisions about the Internet out of your hands.

But the pro-Internet community is taking the fight global as well. We’ve assembled a powerful coalition of people and organizations—including experts at Public Knowledge, Public Citizen, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation—who are currently on the ground at meetings in San Diego. They have committed to hand-deliver the petition signatures to leaders, but we need to give them the numbers to have influence.

Please help us hit the crucial 100,000 signatures mark by reaching out on Facebook, on Twitter, and by forwarding the URL to everyone you know today.

The pro-Internet community is already having an impact across borders. In the U.S., 130 members of Congress just signed a letter calling for secret TPP documents to be made public;3 in Canada the largest federal opposition party has come out against the TPP;4 rifts are also developing between other signatory countries.5

If we work together we could all be part of a foundational achievement of the global pro-Internet community: dismantling this Internet trap before it gets set. Thanks for sharing through the links above.

For the open Internet,

Reilly and Steve, on behalf of your OpenMedia team

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[1] Public interest groups have obtained the February 2011 draft of the TPP's Intellectual Property Rights Chapter. In it, we can see that the TPP would drastically increase Internet surveillance, Big Media's Internet lockdown powers, and criminalize content sharing in general, with a likelihood of harsher penalties. We know from experts that the TPP’s Internet trap provisions could be made even worse. And here’s a report back on the meetings from Infojustice.

[2] Find the list of telecom lobbyists here.

[3] Learn more in the National Journal: Lawmakers, Groups Urge Greater Transparency in Trans-Pacific Talks

[4] Find the NDP’s press release here.

[5] See The Conversation: A dangerous investment: Australia, New Zealand and the Trans-Pacific Partnership