Stop the Secrecy

Motherboard: The Internet is mostly cats, so it just makes sense that someone creeps on them too

Fri, 07/25/2014 - 15:32 -- Eva Prkachin

Cyberstalkercat iz on ur social medias, creeping on ur kittehs

Article by Jason Koebler for Motherboard

If you have posted a picture of your cat online, data analyst and artist Owen Mundy, and now, the rest of the world, knows where it lives. And, by that logic, he knows where you live, too.

That should probably creep you out a little bit, and that's really the point. Developed by Mundy, I Know Where Your Cat Lives is meant as part art project, part wake up call to people to scrub their photos of the EXIF metadata stored on every photo you take. He told me there's little harm in posting pictures of one million geotagged cats on the internet, but the implication is clear: It's really very easy to find out where you live (and lots of other information about you) simply based on what you post online.

"I have a daughter and had been posting pictures of her on Instagram for about a year, and then I realized that Instagram had created a map of every picture I had been sharing with the world," Mundy said. "That scared me. So I thought, what's the least creepy, most fun way to do this? It's less likely someone is going to try to kidnap your cat, but, to a lot of people, their pets are like a child."

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