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Motherboard: Transparency reports aren't transparent enough yet

Fri, 09/19/2014 - 14:29 -- Eva Prkachin

After the Snowden revelations exposed the depth of NSA spying and the ways that private companies supplied information to government agencies, more and more citizens have been pushing for transparency reports to provide some accountability around how our information is gathered and stored. Here's why we need to push a little harder.

Article by Joseph Cox for Motherboard

In the continued push for transparency post-Snowden, many communications companies and service providers are publishing reports with more details on what sort of data, and how much, they're being asked to hand over to law enforcement.

But even with this shift, chunks of the reports rather obscure, rather than clear up, exactly what data is requested.

According to their latest transparency filing, cloud storage service Dropbox received 120 search warrants and 109 subpoenas for user information. Responding to the former, they handed over 103 pieces of “content and non-content”—files within the customer's account, and other pieces of their data such as IP address, respectively. When it came to subpoenas, Dropbox provided law enforcement with 80 pieces of “non-content.”

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