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New developments on the ITU: A late-night global Internet power-grab

Thu, 12/13/2012 - 13:00 -- Steve Anderson

As many of you know, the world’s governments are meeting to update a key treaty of a UN agency called the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). We have received word that a last-minute resolution was put forward that could expand ITU authority over Internet governance, consequently threatening Internet freedom. 

Please join people around the world to tell national representatives to stand against this invasive resolution and send an email to your government using the tool at:
Our coalition partners at Access provide a comprehensive play-by-play on how this went down late last night:
“The Chairman of the Conference stated that he “wanted to have the feel of the room on who will accept the draft resolution. If you can use the big board, please. To have the resolution included.” He then paused as plates were raised in favor of the resolution. Next, he stated “I want the feel of the room, who is against this resolution.” During the pause, an ostensibly different set of plates were raised. He then declared that “[t]he majority is with having the resolution in.”
The Chair then began to move to the next topic [...] the Chair did not give an opportunity for member states to abstain, nor did he announce the results of “the vote.” This is likely to spark a significant procedural debate when the WCIT delegates reconvene tomorrow morning.”
You can read the full resolution and more analysis on the Access website
Please take a moment to ask your government to resist this power grab at