Stop the Secrecy

New Zealand pushes back against TPP agreement; calls for a “fair deal”

Thu, 07/12/2012 - 00:00 -- Anonymous (not verified)

Momentum is building for the campaign, as new initiatives are being launched to oppose the criminalizing and invasive provisions in the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement. One of our international coalition partners, InternetNZ, launched a campaign this week called Fair Deal, which draws attention to potential changes to New Zealand copyright law that would be forced by the TPP.

The idea behind copyright is to allow creators to profit from their works, providing incentive to continue creating and innovating. But overly-strict copyright law is often used to ensure that Big Media conglomerates can profit from existing works, and this can end up limiting innovation. For copyright to be fair, a balance has to be struck between creators’ rights, and users’ access to information and freedom of expression.

As an alternative to the secretive and restrictive provisions in the TPP, InternetNZ proposes a transparent discussion of a ‘Fair Deal’ that opens up new trade opportunities without forcing countries to make copyright law changes that would take a major toll on the national economy.

It’s great to see international support growing for the campaign. Join the campaign here, and find out about InternetNZ’s Fair Deal campaign here.