Stop the Secrecy

Open access to knowledge.

Mon, 12/31/1973 - 16:48 -- Joel Milne

The Internet is a great platform for communicating and sharing knowledge. Having access to the knowledge is necessary to participate in important discussions and make informed decisions. Everyone benefits when knowledge is shared. Help spread the word and share this video. 



Article by Adi Kamdar for Electronic Frontier Foundation:

The open access movement is a long-standing campaign in the world of research to make scholarly works freely available and reusable. One of its fundamental premises is that the progress of knowledge and culture happens scholarly works of all kinds are widely shared, not hidden in ivory towers built with paywalls and shorn by harsh legal regimes.
Scholarly journal publishers currently compile research done by professors (for free), send articles out to be peer reviewed (for free), and distribute the edited journals back to universities around the world (for costs anywhere up to $35,000 each). Subscription prices have outpaced inflation by over 250 percent in the past 30 years, and these fees go straight to the publisher. Neither the authors nor their institutions are paid a cent, and the research itself—which is largely funded by taxpayers—remains difficult to attain. Skyrocketing costs have forced university libraries—even Harvard's, the richest American university—to pick and choose between journal subscriptions. Read more »


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* Video animated by Jorge Cham of PHD Comics and narrated by U.C. Davis biology professor Jonathan Eisen and SPARC's Nick Shockey.