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RNZFB: The TPP will make life worse for people with disabilities

Fri, 07/13/2012 - 00:00 -- Anonymous (not verified)

According to the The Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind the TPP’s Internet trap will make life worse for people with disabilities. It’s amazing that the lobbyists behind the deal can sleep at night. We have to stop them.

Press Release from the Royal New Zealand Foundation for the Blind:

The Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind (RNZFB) supports the launch of the Fair Deal cause to highlight the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and its implications on copyright.

RNZFB Executive Director Access and Innovation, Neil Jarvis , says the TPP could negatively impact blind and partially sighted New Zealanders.

“Those who have a print disability experience a famine when it comes to accessible information. Alarmingly, less than 5% of all published material is available in formats which are accessible to blind and partially sighted people*.

“Current copyright legislation recognises the specific interests of print disabled people through copyright exemptions. The TPP could potentially put this hard-won right at risk,” Neil says.

The TPP could affect the RNZFB and its 11,500 blind and partially sighted members in a variety of ways, including:

  • Risking the right to transcribe copyright material into alternate formats such as braille, large print, electronic text and audio, which are accessible to people with a print disability.
  • Temporary copies may become subject to rights owner control and possible veto – the process of transcription often requires a temporary copy. Read more »


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