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Wed, 07/04/2012 - 00:00 -- Anonymous (not verified)


Here's Lindsey with your update:

Negotiations for the secretive, restrictive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement are going on right now in San Diego. We're uniting citizens and bringing together organizations to stand against the TPP—from having coalition members on the ground in San Diego, to rallying thousands of people together to form a worldwide pro-Internet community, we're getting close to achieving the momentum we need to Stop the Internet Trap! Spread the word about taking action here.


- The Team

Recent News

The Electronic Frontier Foundation give a rundown on the TPP's Internet trap

In this interview, the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Maira Sutton breaks down the secrecy that surrounds the TPP's Internet trap, and the huge implications the TPP will have for our digital future. Check it out for a thorough rundown of this obscene agreement, then sign the petition at

We're incredibly lucky to have groups like the EFF (the interviewee) and Public Citizen (which made the featured TPP music video) working with us as part of the Coalition (check out the campaign page for the growing list). Together we're working to support your voice—make yourself heard. Read more »


Huffington Post: U.S. will be allowed to share Canadians' private information

It's amazing that together we stopped the government from passing its online spying bill, Bill C-30, within the last session of Parliament.

However, it appears the government is putting other spying pieces into place. We need to continue to hold the line against C-30, the new "Perimeter Security" deal with the United States, and now the TPP's Internet Trap. We can't let these spying schemes go through. Read more »


National Journal: Lawmakers and groups pushing for TPP transparency

We have momentum! Thanks to all of you who have signed and shared the petition, our representatives are starting to feel the heat.

Adding to it all, yesterday U.S. groups and lawmakers, including about 130 Democratic House members, pressured the American government about the TPP's lack of transparency. If we keep up this kind of momentum, it won't be long 'til we stop the TPP's Internet trap. Keep spreading the word—it's working!

Article by Juliana Gruenwald for the National Journal:

The Obama administration is coming under increased pressure from Congress to provide lawmakers, nonprofits, and other stakeholders with more details about a trade agreement being negotiated by the United States and a group of Asia-Pacific countries. Read more »


Vancouver Sun: TPP could could impose draconian restrictions on Canadian Internet users

One day in and the petition has had over 55,000 names added to it from around the world. What's more, we're quickly growing the coalition of organizations behind the effort to make the TPP less restrictive and more transparent. In every measurable way, it's clear we're off to a strong start. This is the beginning of something important.

Let's make this the strongest first week we can. Share the petition with your friends, family and co-workers right away, and start a conversation with them about the TPP's Internet trap. Share it on Facebook, or send a tweet. Let's make this count!

Article by Gillian Shaw for the Vancouver Sun:

A coalition of Internet advocates launched a campaign Wednesday against Canada’s participation in closed-door trade talks that could force Canada to rewrite its laws and impose draconian restrictions on Canadian Internet users. Read more »