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Tech Crunch: Tech Blogger Tries To Cancel Comcast Service, Hilarity Ensues

Wed, 07/16/2014 - 09:30 -- Eva Prkachin

This big telecom provider takes the cake for disrespectful customer service. These are the same companies pushing the Internet slow lane. And they expect us to trust them. Speak out at

Article by John Biggs for Tech Crunch

If there’s one guy in the world who knows whether or not he wants to cancel his Comcast service, it’s Ryan Block. The former head of Engadget, founder of GDGT, and now product dude at AOL, Block probably knows exactly why he wants to cancel his Comcast service and, presumably, he’s not going to tell you or a Comcast service rep who refuses to take “No” for an answer.

But when he called to cancel his service over the phone and prepare the return of his cable card, the rep refused in the worst way possible. The pair entered a Kafka-esque conversation where the only answer to any question asked would have been total submission to the Comcast Cause. The call, which already went on for 10 minutes by the time Block decided to record it, is an example of a rep sticking to his script and a customer with the patience of Job (and an understanding of Internet virality) putting up with aural torture in order to show the world how crazy Comcast is.

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