Stop the Secrecy

Thank you

Tue, 06/18/2013 - 10:26 -- OpenMedia

While we continue pushing back against government imposed online spying, we want to report back and thank the community members who stepped up recently.

Back in May we sent you an appeal for an ad targeting the lead decision-maker behind the secretive and extreme Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). As you probably know by now, the TPP is an international agreement that threatens to censor your web activity.

I want to personally thank everyone who contributed and enabled us to publish your ad letting TPP chief Michael Froman know that we’re watching him!

Click this link – check out the picture of the ad now, and consider taking the next step with us by becoming an OpenMedia Ally.

Your ad calls on U.S. Trade chief Michael Froman to ensure that the TPP doesn’t criminalize daily use of the Internet, stifle creativity, and give Big Media broad and completely unreasonable powers of censorship and control.

Impact: Thanks to our momentum, U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren recently announced her opposition to the secretive TPP process and called on President Obama to make the negotiating texts public and allow citizen input.1 This is a step in the right direction, and it’s thanks to you!

Next Steps:

Big Media lobbyists will keep hosting happy hour parties with TPP negotiators until they see our leaders’ signatures on the TPP treaty. But our Fair Deal coalition is leading the growing outcry against this undemocratic trade deal that only benefits the big players.

Our goal is to remove all provisions that threaten the open Internet from this agreement, and we won’t rest until we do. If you haven’t already, join us now.

Worldwide opposition to the unfair, secretive TPP is growing, and you have the power to build on the momentum we’ve generated. Stay tuned for more – we’re working on a plan to reimagine copyright and privacy for the 21st century based on your input.2 As always, our best ideas will come from you, the community.

Thanks again to everyone who pitched in! We couldn’t have sent this message without you.

For a connected future,

Steve, on behalf of your OpenMedia team

P.S. OpenMedia Allies let us continue our work by contributing a small amount on a monthly basis, allowing us to focus on full-time campaigning for the future of Internet freedom. To become a valued OpenMedia Ally, just click the “Make donation monthly” option. If you’re not in a position to become an Ally today, please do consider signing our simple statement calling for a fair deal. Every action counts.



[1] Leading U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren has urged the Obama Administration to release the full draft TPP text. Source: Bloomberg News.

[2] We asked the Internet for input on how we can best run our campaign against the TPP’s Internet censorship regime and received some great feedback that we’re already putting to use.