Stop the Secrecy

Use the Internet to save the Internet - and win an incredible pro-Internet prize pack

Thu, 05/29/2014 - 10:11 -- Thanh Lam

At OpenMedia, we love sharing and collaborating with our global community when it comes to formulating effective and game changing digital policy.

That means using the Internet to save the Internet. It also means reaching out to one another, to converse, to deliberate and of course, to combine our own unique strengths -- as well as sharing our weaknesses -- to create something that's bigger and more beautiful than our own individual efforts: a citizen-created plan for a positive and inclusive digital future.

We’re working hard to crowdsource our own set of rules for sharing and collaborating online - and the response has been overwhelming! Over 20,000 people from Antarctica to Venezuela have participated in our crowdsourcing project, with many sharing it with everyone they know. To say a huge thank you, we're giving away a unique and incredible pro-Internet prize pack to our top 5 sharers - a pack including everything from cool printed t-shirts, to open source game consoles, and even a free VPN subscription!

We need to build a global pro-Internet movement for sharing and collaboration - and that’s why we need you to use our crowdsourcing tool then share your unique link with everyone you know online. Change can only happen when we build it from the ground up -- that’s why it’s more important than ever that you share our project with your friends, family, and colleagues! And the best part is that you’re not only helping to keep the Internet free and open, you could also win these amazing prizes:

  1. Reddit Snoo Plush
  2. Raspberry Pi Linux computer
  3. HumbleBundle and Patreon subscription
  4. Books from pro-Internet author Cory Doctorow!
  5. Internet freedom t-shirts!
  6. VPN service from TunnelBear!
  7. Books from reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian!
  8. Your own Cards Against Humanity kit!
  9. And much more!

If you take part now and share your unique link widely, you’ll join with our free expression share leaders, the top 5 of whom will receive these awesome pro-Internet prizes! Check out our Top 10 share leaderboard - and make sure you’re in with a chance to win our awesome prize pack by sharing our crowdsourcing tool today.