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WhoIsHostingThis: Wireless Internet everywhere? It's not as far off as it sounds

Fri, 09/19/2014 - 15:11 -- Eva Prkachin

It sounds like science fiction, but here's how a bunch of cube satellites could bring universal Internet to the world in only a few years. What do you think about the Outernet?

Article by WhoIsHostingThis

The invention of Internet has ushered in a revolution: a new information age that has changed the way we live our lives day-to-day.

Internet users now have access to resources and information that were out of reach before, with the ability to access almost unlimited knowledge online. Those who had no voice can now share their opinions with a global audience, and those who can’t afford higher education can now attend free courses online from schools like MIT or Harvard.

If you’re reading this now, you’re reaping the benefits of the new information age. But you’re in the minority: only about 35% of the world’s population has reliable, unrestricted Internet access.

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Infographic: How the Outernet will free the Internet