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ZDNet: Tony Abbot wants Telcos to store and share your private information

Tue, 08/05/2014 - 15:51 -- Eva Prkachin

Privacy Alert: Tony Abbot is calling for new legislation that would force all Telcos to store subscriber information and allow government agencies warrantless access to that information. Stay tuned for ways that you can speak out!

Article by Josh Taylor for ZDNet

Attorney-General George Brandis confirmed that the Federal Cabinet today gave in principle support for a new regime that would force telecommunications companies to retain an as-yet-undetermined amount of customer data for up to two years to allow government agencies to access without a warrant as part of law enforcement investigations.

Brandis, and Prime Minister Tony Abbott, this afternoon said that two new tranches of expanded anti-terrorism laws will be introduced, and intelligence agencies will be given an additional AU$630 million from the budget to "boost counterterrorism capabilities".

The second tranche that will expand the anti-terrorism powers — including broadening the definition of terrorism to include supporting or promoting terrorism — will be introduced in the first week of the Spring sitting of Parliament, while Brandis said he had been given "in principle" approval by the Federal Cabinet to begin developing a mandatory data retention proposal that would be put to the parliament later this year.

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