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The Atlantic: Net neutrality isn't a right/left issue

Fri, 11/14/2014 - 16:39 -- Eva Prkachin

Unlike what Big-Telecom lobbyists will tell you, preventing the Internet slow lane is uniting people across political divides. Let's work together to keep the Internet open and innovative at

Article by Robinson Meyer for the Atlantic

Everyone likes the Internet.

While not wholly true, per se, it can sometimes seem this way in national politics. Democrats like tech startups, Republicans like tech startups, everyone likes innovation and entrepreneurship and jobs and, maybe above all, the sense that San Francisco is allowing the U.S. to do something that no other nation can yet do.

So fans of Internet-friendly policies have sometimes (not always) enjoyed a break from the hyperpartisanship which ails nearly every other zone of policy. The protests against SOPA and PIPA were so resounding that the bills were quickly abandoned.

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