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Daily Dot: Reforms may be coming to the NSA

Tue, 11/18/2014 - 10:35 -- Eva Prkachin

Woah, this is huge: Obama says he would sign a bill to reform the NSA if it passes in Congress. This is a big win for our community, who have been speaking out in record numbers for privacy rights!

Article by Kevin Collier for the Daily Dot

The odds of actual National Security Agency reform just went way up: President Obama has declared the he would sign one such bill if it passes Congress.

The claim is in direct response to the fact that the Senate is expected to vote Tuesday on the hyperbolically-named USA Freedom Act, the only NSA reform bill to pass the House since former systems administrator Edward Snowden leaked a cache of agency documents in 2013.

In a statement declaring that it "strongly supports" the bill, Obama's administration declared that it strengthens privacy protections under the Foreign Amendment Surveillance Act (FISA), the controversial, multifaceted law designed to make it easier for government agencies to spy on non-U.S. citizens. It also would end the practice of collecting American phone records in bulk, another program revealed by Snowden, and one Obama has promised to end since March.

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