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The Independent: Yup, it's this easy to get on the NSA's radar

Mon, 01/19/2015 - 12:40 -- David Christopher

Have you ever googled Tor or other privacy tools? Experts say these leaks confirm that the NSA is engaged in indiscriminate mass surveillance.

Article by James Vincent for The Independent

Any internet users who use or even read about privacy services online will be targeted for surveillance by the NSA, according to a new report from German broadcaster ARD.

According to leaked source-code of the US spy agency’s ‘XKeyscore’ software, individuals who search for information about anonymising services such as Tor have their IP addresses logged by the NSA and can be flagged for further monitoring.

Tor, sometimes known as The Onion Router, is perhaps the most popular form of anonymising software used online. It bounces users’ browsing activities around a large network of computers known as nodes making it difficult to trace.

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