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Wired: Global Internet at stake in Net Neutrality fight

Thu, 01/22/2015 - 16:26 -- Eva Prkachin

Why we need to win the Internet slow lane battle.

Article by Ambassador Daniel A. Sepulveda

Does the United States act in accordance with the same principles that we advocate to others? The answer needs to be yes.

When it comes to the debate on network neutrality, the world watches what we do at home. That’s one reason that the President’s commitment to network neutrality is so important: In the struggle to protect a global, open, and free internet, we must also protect it at home.

The President’s recent call to enshrine network neutrality principles in domestic regulation echoes our diplomatic efforts to prevent any centralized power—corporate or governmental—from picking winners and losers on the internet, as well as our efforts to promote freedom of expression and the free flow of information online. The President’s leadership on this issue comes at a critical time: Every day we see examples of governments around the world taking unfortunate steps to inhibit internet access, restrict freedom of expression, and impose barriers to the free flow of information.

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