Stop the Secrecy

This won't last

Tue, 05/28/2013 - 05:20 -- Steve Anderson

You won’t believe this. We just found out that anti-Internet lobbyists are hosting happy hour parties in Washington to increase their influence over key TPP decision makers.1 They’re sipping cocktails and literally making their careers out of criminalizing our day-to-day Internet use.

But we have a unique opportunity to push back if we act fast...

A generous supporter has just announced that they’ll provide matching funds for contributions made in the next 48 hours toward our special campaign ad. We need you to chip in right now so we can unlock time-limited matching funds and stand strong against this global threat to the open Internet.

The TPP as it stands will radically change the rules around copyright online, censoring popular web services and giving Big Media a scary amount of power to control and even turn off your Internet with no due process.

We need your support now to stop this threat. Indie ISP Acanac will provide matching funds, but only if you contribute now – just $15 today can help put your ad in front of their faces.

We need to amplify our voices in Washington by publishing a large, impactful ad telling TPP negotiators like Michael Froman, politicians, and industry lobbyists that we won’t back down when it comes to a fair deal for the Internet and our future.

Let’s make it known to TPP decision-makers that they’re accountable to the Internet.

If you pitch in $15 now, we can put $30 towards this attention-grabbing ad in a key Washington publication. Please take this last chance to join us now before this opportunity ends.

Thank you so much for your attention and support,

Steve, on behalf of your OpenMedia team

P.S. It’s not often that an ISP like Acanac makes this kind of matching offer. Seize this chance to double your impact and contribute today to fight for a fair deal.



[1] Source: WITA